Aura KTP

What is Aura KTP laser?

KTP laser is a type of laser used to treat a number of conditions including Port Wine Stains (PWS), haemangioma, telangiectasias, spider naevi and red scars. The treatment involves the use of a laser light specifically designed to treat blood vessels in the skin.

The light heats the blood and the blood vessel. The heat destroys or damages the blood vessel. The light produced by the laser is very bright and can affect the eyes, so everyone must wear special protective goggles during treatment. The KTP laser is used to produce a significant fading of vascular birthmarks with minimal risk of skin damage/scarring. Treatment is safe and can be used successfully and effectively on children.

How does the KTP laser work?

The laser emits a beam of green light which penetrates the skins surface and targets the superficial abnormal blood vessels. The light is specifically absorbed by the red colour and, therefore, avoids damage to the surrounding tissues. The laser should reduce the redness of the skin. Many patients find that the redness does not go away completely. However, the skin colour should change to match the surrounding skin more closely. You may need to have a course of treatments with regular visits spaced four to eight weeks apart.

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