When you’re dealing with skin problems, a quick fix can be tempting. Pigmentation and age spots are unsightly, and when you see a product promising glowing, bright skin instantly or in a matter of days, it’s tempting to believe it.

According to research, Australia is becoming home to several of these illegal skin lightening products, many of which are imported from other countries and have no English labelling. These products masquerade as quick fixes to skin problems – but can have negative consequences. It’s better to consult a professional skin clinic with trained staff members to take care of these issues. It might not work as quickly as over the counter creams and potions, but it won’t damage your skin either.

According to Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration, many Asian imported skin lightening products contain the chemical hydroquinone which does lighten skin but is also banned in many countries due to its unpredictable side effects. There have even been several reported cases of local users experiencing adverse drug reactions, irritation and redness.

If you are struggling with pigmentation, age spots or dark spots, be warned that taking the cheap and easy way out could leave you with more problems than you had in the first place. It’s far better to stick to a tried and tested method, such as lasers, to remove these marks.

At Vic Dermal, we take a one-on-one approach to each person suffering from thisproblem, and therefore we don’t use a single laser solution. We have afractionated laser (1927nm), alexandrite laser (755nm) and Q-switch laser and each laser works best on different depths and types of pigmentation, ranging from melasma to freckles. Most patients will need several treatments to see results (depending on the intensity of the pigmentation) but provided one follows the aftercare program (and avoids the sun) you will be able to safely enjoy clear skin for many years to come – no dodgy side effects necessary!