Skin micro needling is fast becoming the first choice in skin care rejuvenation techniques thanks to the amazing results it offers and with the added benefit of minimal downtime. Micro needling helps you get that one step closer to youthful-looking blemish free skin.

The treatment is an effective way of treating ageing skin symptoms like wrinkles and fine lines and also improving skin elasticity. But why does this technique, in particular, provide such optimal lasting results?

Why are skin micro needling treatments so effective?

First, the scientific part: the treatment is design around the use of special micro-sized needles that pierce the skin. This clinically controlled process is especially beneficial in kick-starting the skin’s ability to heal naturally. At the first sign of an injury, the human body initiates the process that boosts the firmness of the dermis by facilitating the extra collagen and elastin production, in addition to increasing the production of growth hormones.

Micro-needling also improves the absorbency of your skin allowing it to better take in the vitamins and minerals contained in quality skincare products. Not all skincare products can address and improve ageing skin problems as the collagen molecules they contain cannot be effectively absorbed by the skin topically.

What a micro needling treatment process involves

Your session starts off with your practitioner giving your face and neck a thorough cleanse after which she will apply a numbing salve to prep you for the skin needling process. Once the treatment is done, you may experience redness in the face, but this does not usually last long and should disappear in under 24 hours.

Micro-needling is safe for use on all skin types with more mature skin seeing significant results. Optimal results are gained from between 3 to 6 treatment sessions. If you are looking for an effective treatment to address scars, stretch marks large pores or just want firmer younger looking skin, book a consultation with one of our experienced staff members at the Victorian Dermal Institute. We are the trusted skincare experts in Melbourne.