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We first formed our clinical team in 2012. Founding dermal clinician, Derya Koch, formed our guiding principles, which we've added and expanded as our team grew.

We won't recommend a treatment unless we believe it's the right treatment for you. How do we know what's right for you? We're accredited clinicians, that are dedicated to ethical and evidence based practice, as well as maintaining ongoing education with a passion for researching medical-grade technologies and skin solutions. We're knowledgeable, and our clients trust us.

The team

Our team is filled with passionate and professional dermal clinicians. All clinicians hold a Bachelor of Health Science and are full members of The Australian Society of Dermal Clinicians, affiliate members of Allied Health Profession (AHPA) and are recognised as an allied health professionals.

We specialise in chemical peels, laser treatments, and injectables. We focus on improving the health of your skin, and supplying cosmetic enhancements.

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The clinic

Located in Kew, we ensure every client is made to feel comfortable. You'll be warmly greeted you when you walk in, and you can browse our products while you wait for your initial consultation or treatment to begin.

Our clinic

"I love how down to earth everyone is."

Intan Lay

"The laser hair removal treatments have been comfortable from day one."

Kelly-Anne Walton

The technology

All our equipment is medical-grade, and industry-leading. We invest time and energy into researching the best equipment in the cosmetic dermal world, and we're confident our technologies are results-driven. All our treatments are minimally or non-invasive, and virtually pain-free.

Our Technology

The products

We partner with trusted dermatology products, such as Mesoestetic, Medik8, and Dermaceutic. These companies are the best in the market, and we trust them with all our skin solutions.

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Our Expertise

Dermal clinicians specialise in skin management and non-surgical treatments. These services assist with acute and chronic skin conditions, skin disorders and diseases.

The education of dermal health professionals is broad. We undertake comprehensive studies into skin and wound biology, dermatological conditions and their management. We also undertake scientific studies in physics, chemistry and psychology.

Furthermore, as every system in the body can impact the health of the skin, a dermal clinician’s education covers general anatomy and physiology. A thorough understanding of the disorders and diseases that can affect skin health and create skin problems is also required.

Dermal Clinicians focus on public health, skin health education and prevention programs. Most importantly, only a qualified and experienced dermal clinician can assess and manage the risks associated with tissue interactions and advanced therapies.

As full members of the ASDC (Australian Society of Dermal Clinicians), Dermal Clinicians have studied an endorsed Bachelor Degree level qualification. This certification is your guarantee of our ability to safely, professionally and effectively manage your skin concerns.

Skin pigmentation solutions

As a model, Tamika Fawcett's skin is important to her. She originally came to our clinic because she was struggling with skin pigmentation concerns. After sitting down and talking with her about her situation, we recommended our m-pen skin needling treatment. Her skin felt and looked instantly brighter after the first treatment, and finished the round of five sessions.


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