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Skin treatments

Safe and non-surgical skin improvements

We offer a range of medical-grade skin treatments for all skin types. Using our industry-leading technology, we'll assess your skin to find out which treatment will work best for you.

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The consultation process

Our clinicians will get an understanding of your medical history and your skin concerns so we can recommend the best solutions for you.

We'll make sure that any treatment is suitable and safe for you and your skin.

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Our process

Book your initial consultation

When you have your consultation, we'll ask about your medical and skin history. We need to know what kind of medication you've been on, or are currently taking, as these can sometimes interfere with our treatments.

We will assess your skin, and create a specialised treatment plan for you. Sometimes, this can involve one treatment, or dual treatments — depending on your concerns, and particular skin type. And your consultation fee is redeemable on your treatments.

Receiving your treatment

After your consultation, you'll have the opportunity to book your service. We'll send you home with comprehensive pre-treatment information. These will differ depending on the treatment you are receiving.

You'll arrive on the day, and we'll perform the treatment. Again, in many cases you may not be able to return to work straight away. It's best if you take the day off, or receive your treatment in the afternoon so you can go straight home afterwards.

Once you leave our clinic

After your treatment, you'll need to avoid sun exposure. We recommend using SPF sunscreen every day, beneath your usual makeup. We will give you more advice on aftercare solutions, plus skin care products which will help aid your recovery.

We'll give you a follow-up call a week or so after your treatment, to check in with you. If you have any questions or concerns prior to this time, you can always email or phone us. We're more than happy to help.

Medical-grade technology

We're always on the hunt for the best aesthetic technologies and products. This, combined with the fact that we work with your unique skin type and situation, means our treatments yield the best results for your skin.

"From consultation through to treatment, I cannot fault them."

Jess Fountain

"All the staff were so friendly, welcoming and extremely professional."

Intan Lay

Accredited, ethical dermal clinicians

We never treat a client without first assessing your skin. Our dermal clinicians are all fully accredited, and highly trained professionals. We're passionate about skin solutions, and we'll work with you to ensure our treatment plans are effective.

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