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Dermal filler dissolver specialists

Safe, quick, effective dermal filler dissolving in Melbourne

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Explore our dermal filler dissolving treatments

Our goal is to help our clients achieve total confidence in their skin. That’s why we don’t offer permanent dermal fillers. We can adjust or remove any fillers we inject upon your request.

Before & after: dissolving filler

Our clients place enormous trust in us to rectify their dermal filler procedures. We take their trust seriously and have made every effort to ensure we can meet it.

  • We offer multiple dermal filler-dissolving treatment options
  • We use medical-grade dissolvers and industry-leading technology
  • We take the time to understand your needs and assess your skin

As we do for all of our clients, we will design a personalised treatment plan just for you to ensure we can deliver the best results possible.

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Where to get filler dissolved

A dermal filler treatment can be used to plump, contour and rejuvenate every feature of your face. Our filler-dissolving treatments are just as versatile.

Dissolving lip filler

If your lip filler needs adjusting, there are ways to dissolve it with enzyme injections. These injections break down the hyaluronic acid molecules found in fillers so the body can metabolise them naturally.


Dissolving cheek filler

For those looking to dissolve their cheek fillers, we provide a safe and relaxing environment, using the latest technology and professional expertise to dissolve your cheek filler quickly and effectively.


Dissolving eye filler

Ready to get your eye filler dissolved? It's a straightforward process that typically works quickly and effectively. It takes only minutes to dissolve the hyaluronic acid-based filler and leave your face refreshed.


Dissolving chin filler

If you've recently had chin filler and are considering having it removed or dissolved, we can help. Get your chin filler safely and efficiently dissolved with the help of a skilled professional.


Dissolving nose filler

Dissolving your nose filler can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. With the proper guidance from a medical professional specialising in dissolving fillers, you can safely and effectively reduce nose volume.


Dissolving jaw filler

Chin, jawline and jowl fillers can be dissolved safely, quickly and easily. Book a consultation, and our medically-trained clinicians will talk you through our minimally invasive, minimally painful filler-dissolving procedure.


Our renowned specialists

Trained at leading Australian universities, our medical team have a sterling industry record and are able to safely dissolve fillers with state-of-the-art technology.

How dermal filler dissolver works

Dermal fillers can be dissolved by injecting the appropriate dissolving substance into the treatment area. We choose the appropriate dissolving treatment after carefully assessing your fillers to discover precisely what they contain.

Since most dermal fillers use hyaluronic acid, we most often use a dissolving enzyme called hyaluronidase. This enzyme is a naturally occurring product in the body, where it assists in breaking down cells so that healthy new ones can replace them.

How It Works

Why would someone need filler dissolver?

Clients often seek our dissolving treatments because:

  • Their dermal filler injections were botched
  • Their fillers have drifted
  • They’re simply not satisfied with how it looks

Whatever your reason, we offer solutions without judgement.

Who It’s For

MRI or ultrasound-guided filler dissolver treatments

Before undergoing filler dissolver treatment, you must have a thorough consultation with one of our doctors. It is essential that you attend the appointment prepared with all relevant medical information so that your doctor has a complete understanding of your health history. 

We’ll then set up an MRI or ultrasound test to determine the exact location of the filler you want to dissolve to give our doctor the best chance of safely dissolving the filler. This technique is called ‘MRI road mapping’ and is one of our Melbourne clinic’s specialties.


What to expect from the filler dissolver

We may be able to dissolve your filler within a single treatment session. 

During this visit, an enzyme is injected into the treatment area, breaking down the product used in the dermal filler injection. The dissolving process begins instantly but may last up to eight weeks. The dissolving reaction will not cause any pain, but it is natural for the injection to cause some swelling or inflammation. You can treat this yourself with a cold pack.

On The Day

Caring for your skin after dissolving dermal filler

Keeping your skin healthy after dermal filler dissolution is essential to achieve the best results. Make sure to keep your injected area as clean as possible and follow any aftercare instructions given by your provider. 

  • Maintain a skincare routine with an effective skin moisturiser.
  • Wear SPF 30 or higher and stay out of direct sunlight for at least 2-3 days after treatment. 
  • Refrain from strenuous physical activity for at least 48 hours.

Painless with quick recovery

Due to its non-surgical nature, dermal filler dissolver is painless and has a quick recovery period. Patients can usually resume normal activities immediately following their appointment with no side effects or downtime needed.

Safe and low risk

Safe for short- and long-term use, our dissolvers are specially formulated using naturally derived enzymes that dissolve fillers without causing additional tissue damage. With no downtime, a dermal filler dissolver is an excellent choice for correcting or removing unwanted fillers quickly and easily. 

Reliable results

Dermal filler dissolver is a reliable way to dissolve unwanted hyaluronic acid fillers and rebalance the face. Dermal filler dissolver treatments are performed precisely to achieve desired results while restoring skin to its original contours.

Dermal filler treatments by Melbourne’s experts

Once you’re free of your unwanted fillers, you might like to consider having them redone by a medically-trained professional.

Types of dermal filler dissolver

We offer multiple dissolver treatments to remove fillers no matter what they’re made of.

Hyaluronidase dissolver

Hyaluronidase is the most popular choice for dissolving dermal fillers due to its ability to break down hyaluronic acid-based products quickly and efficiently. It is injected directly into the area where the original product was placed; however, another type of dissolver called collagenase may also be an option.

Collagenase dissolver

Unlike hyaluronidase, collagenase breaks down the collagen fibres network around the filler injection site to remove it from beneath your skin. Ultimately, working with a healthcare professional who can advise which dermal filler dissolver is best suited for your needs is essential in ensuring that any reversal or removal process goes smoothly.

A word from our clients

The skincare experts your idols trust

You’ll hear plenty from our dermatologists at your consultation. For now, have a read of what our clients have to say about the results we deliver.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can dermal filler be dissolved?

Most dermal fillers can be removed using hyaluronidase or collagenase enzymes. The dissolving treatment typically takes a single session. While your fillers will begin to break down immediately, they may take up to eight weeks to fully dissolve.

What is in dermal filler dissolver?

Dermal filler dissolvers contain hyaluronidase or collagenase enzymes. Both of these enzymes are extremely safe to use and have a vanishingly small risk of causing adverse effects. This is because both are produced naturally by your body, where they’re used to clear away old cells and promote new tissue growth.

Can you partially dissolve only some filler?

It is possible to dissolve dermal fillers partially. However, this should be done with great caution under the guidance of a qualified doctor. 

Through controlled dissolution with an enzyme known as hyaluronidase, a physician can precisely manage the breakdown of dermal fillers to achieve desired results. This enzyme is injected directly into areas where filler needs to be dissolved.

What are the risks associated with dissolving filler?

One of the most common risks associated with injecting dermal filler treatments is the possibility of an allergic reaction. In some cases, this could be due to an intolerance to one of the ingredients in the mixture. As such, it's important to only undergo such treatments under medical supervision and to inform your medical professional about any allergies or intolerances you may have beforehand.

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