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The Signature Series

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It starts with a consultation with our dermal clinicians to discuss your skin concerns.

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One treatment, maximum results

A personally curated treatment using multi-modalities to address your skin concerns in only one treatment time for maximum results. Our Signature Series is inspired by international treatment methods and exclusive to Victorian Dermal Group.

Your treatment focusses on removing old, damaged skin cells, increasing in skin cell turnover, removing cells that contain sun damage and pigmentation, stimulating and inducing collagen remodelling and new skin regeneration.


Book a consultation to discuss your skin concerns


Your signature series treatment is conducted in one sitting, using multi modalities 


See long-lasting results for 6 month, no multiple treatments required

Our exclusive Signature Series treatments

The treatment you receive is tailored to your specific skin concerns with the goal of improving the overall health of your skin.

Treatment for your skin concerns

See visible results for your skin concern immediately.

Improve overall skin health 

Get your glow on and look your best.

How does it work?

Our Signature Series is a game changer. It’s an exclusive treatment offered by VDG that’s backed by science and inspired by international treatment methods which have not been widely available in Australia.

We have 5 treatment options which each target different types of skin concerns. Not only that, but your treatment will also be further customised to your specific skin. As unique as your signature.

Your treatment gives you immediate results in a single sitting by removing old, damaged skin cells, increasing skin cell turnover, and inducing new skin regeneration.

How long is the downtime?

One of the amazing benefits of our Signature Series is that it minimises downtime by delivering your treatment in a single sitting using multi modalities. Your dermal clinician will discuss the expected downtime with you for your specific treatment.

What are multi modalities?

The multi modalities refers to more than one type of treatment being used in your Signature Series treatment. The multi modalities also work on different layers of the skin, ensuring safety and efficacy for your treatment.

How often can I get a Signature Series treatment?

Generally speaking, we recommend receiving your Signature Series treatment every 6 to 12 months. During your consultation, your dermal clinician will be able to recommend a long-term treatment plan.

Our process

Book your Signature Series consultation

During your Signature Series consultation, we'll ask about your medical and skin history to ensure your treatment will be safe and effective. We will also assess your skin, and tailor your treatment for you.

Receiving your Signature Series treatment

After your consultation, you can book your Signature Series treatment and you’ll get comprehensive pre-treatment information for your specific treatment. You'll arrive on the day, and we'll perform the treatment. In many cases you may not be able to return to work straight away. It's best if you take the day off, or receive your treatment in the afternoon so you can go straight home afterwards.

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Once you leave our clinic

After your treatment, you'll need to avoid sun exposure. We recommend using SPF sunscreen every day, beneath your usual makeup. We will give you more advice on aftercare solutions, plus skin care products which will help aid your recovery. We'll give you a follow-up call a week or so after your treatment, to check in with you. If you have any questions or concerns prior to this time, you can always email or phone us. We're more than happy to help.

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