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Non-surgical facelift

Restore your skin’s lustre with ultrasound technology

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Restore lost volume across the temples.

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Relieve or remove ‘11’ frown lines entirely.

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Lift and plumpen sagging cheeks. Define bold cheekbones.

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Sharpen rounded chins or build up receding ones.

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Lift sagging eyelids and brighten dark circles.

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Erase fine and heavy lines across the forehead.

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Plumpen thinning lips and soften surrounding fine lines.

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Lift nasolabial folds and wrinkling bunny lines.

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Lift and define your features with non-surgical treatments

Our Kew, Melbourne clinic has become the go-to centre for those seeking minimally invasive treatment for their skin conditions. Our non-surgical facelift is only one choice within our vast range of facial rejuvenation and dermal treatments. Book a consultation, and our doctors will design a tailored treatment plan to suit your needs.

Before & after: non-surgical facelift

Clients interested in our non-surgical treatments often worry they may not be as effective as the surgical procedure. As our ‘before and after’ results demonstrate, that isn’t necessarily true at all. Our ultrasound facelifts use industry-leading technology to deliver stunning, lasting results.

Of course, it isn’t the only anti-ageing solution we offer. We’ll recommend the right course of treatment for you after a careful analysis of the unique qualities of your skin.

  • Medical-grade chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing treatments
  • Pure hyaluronic acid dermal fillers and non-toxic anti-wrinkle injectable treatments
  • Qualified doctors and dermatologists with decades of experience
Book a consultation

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Our renowned doctors

Our doctors have worked with clients of all ages, genders and backgrounds, and pride themselves on creating a non-judgemental space for all our clients.

What are non-surgical facelifts?

Our non-surgical facelift procedure uses the Ultraformer 3 ultrasound technology to alleviate the signs of ageing. 

The Ultraformer 3 is an extraordinary piece of technology. It uses focused ultrasound pulses to promote collagen production and contour the existing collagen in your face to create a natural-looking, youthful appearance.

How It Works

Expect exceptional results from our non-surgical facelift

Our ultrasound facelift procedure will lift and firm your face's skin and muscle tissue. It’s able to remove fat, tighten loose skin and improve skin texture, giving you the healthy, smooth and youthful skin you seek.

The Ultraformer 3 will also help reduce and remove:

  • Forehead wrinkles and frown lines
  • Crow’s feet, undereye bags and dark circles
  • Bunny lines, nasolabial folds and marionette lines
  • Lip lines and double chins
  • Sagging jowls and neck wrinkles
What We Treat

Ensuring you get the best results from your treatment

Fortunately, non-surgical treatments typically don’t need much preparation. We do request that you arrive at your appointment with clean skin, free of any makeup or product.

At your initial consultation, we’ll give you more detailed instructions based on the unique qualities of your skin.


What to expect at your non-surgical facelift session

You can expect to relax. Your session will run for approximately half an hour. Here’s what the agenda will look like:

  • Your doctor will do a final review to ensure you’re comfortable with the procedure. They’ll explain the technology, double-check your goals and expectations, and answer your questions.
  • Following your facelift, your skin may feel slightly tender. While you are not required to, you may choose to stay for a brief monitoring period to ensure there are no adverse reactions.
On The Day

How to recover from your non-surgical facelift

Our non-surgical procedures require minimal downtime. In fact, they don’t require any downtime. As soon as your session is done, you’ll be free to apply makeup, moisturiser, sunscreen or any other products you choose. You will also be able to expose your skin to direct sunlight (with proper sunscreen) and exercise vigorously. There will be no marks or injection points to let heal.

If you do experience any tenderness or redness following the ultrasound session, they will alleviate within the day.

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Explore our other non-surgical anti-ageing treatments

Our anti-ageing treatments aren’t simply for those past a certain age — they’re not necessarily for anti-ageing at all. Fine lines, sagging wrinkles and dull skin can be caused by sun exposure, diet and genetics, and appear on people of all ages. If you’re worried about premature ageing or tired skin, we’ve got the right solution to set you at ease.

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“Fresh but natural… the look I was after”

The skincare experts your idols trust

You’ll hear plenty from our dermatologists at your consultation. For now, have a read of what our clients have to say about the results we deliver.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does ultrasound remove fat?

The ultrasound pulses penetrate deep enough to agitate the subdermal layer of fat. The agitation breaks up the fat clusters, and your blood carries the free-flowing fat cells to the liver, where they are metabolised like your food is.

Will my ultrasound non-surgical painlift hurt?

Some of our clients have reported mild discomfort, which they describe as a warmth, itching or tickling sensation. None report any pain.

Is there any downtime required after a non-surgical facelift?

You will not require any downtime to recuperate after your non-surgical facelift. Following your session, you can go back to work, play sports or attend any commitments you have.

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