‘11 lines’ anti-wrinkle injections

Relieve and remove glabellar lines with safe dermal fillers

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Sharpen soft chins or fill out receding ones.

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Brighten dark and sagging lids and lift crow’s feet.

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Plumpen thin lips and lift fine lines around their corners.

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Shoo away bunny lines and lift folds around your nose.

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Relieve deep forehead lines.

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Round out sagging and sharpen soft cheekbones.

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Fine lines

Relieve the vertical lines between your brows.

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Welcome to Melbourne’s 5-star dermal filler clinic

Treating wrinkled 11 lines is only a fraction of what our world-class doctors can do. We specialise in helping clients of all generations and genders feel utterly confident in their skin. Book your consultation and let us know what you’re skin concerns are — we’ll tailor a treatment plan to give you a beautiful, natural-looking and youthful appearance.

Before & after: 11 lines injections

Self-confidence is a sensitive issue. Delivering safe, natural-looking results takes an artist’s eye as well as a doctor’s expertise, and that is precisely what we provide. As we do for all of our clients, you’ll receive a personalised dermal filler plan to relieve the fine or deep-set lines bothering you. As for the quality of our service:

  • Every anti-wrinkle injection uses pure hyaluronic acid filler
  • We use medical-grade injectables, laser treatments, peels and ultrasound technology
  • We’ve earned Melbourne’s trust with years of proven success

We don’t offer quick fixes and miracle cures. Rest assured that every treatment we offer is backed by solid, verifiable evidence. See our results for yourself.

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Our renowned doctors

With decades of collective experience across a range of skin treatment types, we’ve helped countless Melbourne clients achieve the confidence they’ve longed for.

Treat the grumpy-looking vertical lines between your brows

Glabellar lines (also known as ‘11’ lines) are the two vertical lines that start at the inner tip of your eyebrow and stretch up your forehead. As with many skin wrinkles, these lines are caused by repetitive facial expressions — particularly frowning and squinting.

While 11 lines can become more prominent with age as the skin loses its natural elasticity, they’re primarily caused by the brow muscle movement. Because of that, they’re just as likely to start etching into the skin of 30-year-olds, and even 20-year-olds, depending on the individual’s lifestyle or surrounding environment.

Our anti-wrinkle injectables not only help relieve etched 11 lines, but they also help prevent these grumpy-looking lines from forming in the first place. Click over to the next tab to learn how.

What we’re treating

We plump deep ‘11’ brow lines with skin-safe dermal fillers

We treat frown lines by injecting pure hyaluronic acid into the dermis of the skin where the lines are forming.

Our anti-wrinkle injectables help relax the muscles causing the lines, preventing them from worsening. They also promote collagen production in the wrinkled skin, leaving it hydrated and restoring its elasticity and suppleness.

We’ll adjust our treatment depending on the severity of your 11 lines:

  • If your 11 lines only appear when you frown or flex your facial muscles, we can relax the muscles to prevent the lines from etching into your skin.
  • If your 11 lines are still light and delicate, our injectables may be able to get rid of them entirely.
  • If your 11 lines are deep-set, our injectables may be able to relieve them significantly though it depends on their depth.

Book a consultation with our doctors, and we’ll discuss what’s possible.

How It Works

Getting ready for your glabellar frown line treatment

At your initial consultation, we’ll give you detailed written instructions on preparing your skin for the best possible results. Broadly speaking, you’ll want your skin to be as clean and clear as possible, and to minimise any agitation that might cause excess bruising or bleeding. Here are some tips:

  • Avoid all skin treatments, including peels, laser treatments and hair removal (including shaving) for at least a week before your treatment.
  • Avoid exercise, alcohol and blood-thinning medications for at least two days before your appointment.

You’re in safe hands. Relax, and we’ll be done within the hour.

Our clinic is a safe, welcoming and relaxed environment. When you arrive, we’ll review your plan, conduct the procedure, and then keep you for a brief monitoring period. You’ll be all set to leave in no time. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the day:

  • You’ll arrive with clean, makeup and product-free skin.
  • We’ll review your treatment agenda to ensure you know exactly what to expect and approve of it.
  • At your request, we’ll apply a localised numbing cream to the injection point to minimise your discomfort.
  • We’ll complete the injection procedure.
  • We’ll ask you to stay for a brief monitoring period, where we can watch for unexpected adverse effects.
On The Day

Your deep frown lines are gone… What next?

Your glabellar line injectable treatment is minimally invasive and will heal quite fast. However, the area may feel slightly tender for the first 24 hours. We recommend you keep your skin moisturised using our Hydra-vital light moisturising gel cream

You may notice a bumpy or uneven texture to the skin above the injectables. This is perfectly normal — it’s just the injectable substance settling into the dermis. Gently massage the area with a cool, wet towel or a cold pack, and your skin will even out.

  • Do not sleep or put undue pressure on your face for at least four days.
  • When washing and cleaning your face, take care to be gentle.
  • Avoid alcohol, exercise and blood-thinning medication for at least four days.

If you feel any discomfort or have any concerns whatsoever, give us a call for advice.

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Facial dermal fillers to fill you with confidence

Decades of natural facial muscle movement can lead to everything from frown lines to smile lines to crow’s feet and bunny lines. Volume loss and genetics also play a part in forming the topography of your features. If there’s anything at all that leaves you feeling less than 100%, we might just have a treatment to address your concerns. Here’s just a sample of all that we have to offer.

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“Fresh but natural… the look I was after”

The skincare experts your idols trust

You’ll hear plenty from our dermatologists at your consultation. For now, have a read of what our clients have to say about the results we deliver.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to feel the dermal fillers under my 11 lines?

You will be able to feel the dermal fillers beneath the skin for the first few days. However, they won’t be painful. Rather, your skin will just feel slightly tighter and fuller. This will soon ease, and you’ll feel perfectly fine in 3-4 days.

How long will my glabellar line fillers last?

You can expect your 11-line fillers to last anywhere from four months to a year. Fillers tend to wear away in areas that are constantly flexing and moving. Your eyebrows and forehead, expressive as they are, will soon metabolise the filler.

However, we can schedule regular filler replenishments to keep your skin smooth and supple.

What are the side effects of facial fillers?

Our medical-grade fillers are highly tolerable and have a vanishingly minute risk of causing adverse reactions. Some clients will experience mild itchiness and redness around the injection site, but these are to be expected and will clear up within a few days.

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