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We use medical-grade technology to improve your skin

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Consult first, treatment later

Your initial consultation usually takes between 15 minutes and half an hour, and the fee is redeemable on your treatment. Using medical grade technology, we'll take photos of your skin and use filters to check for pigmentation, broken capillaries, and congestion.

We'll then sit down with you, and formulate a treatment plan. You are under no obligation to book any of the treatments we recommend.

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The right technology for improving your skin

We have the right tools to provide fast and effective treatment for every stage of the skin care process, from imaging and diagnosis to treatment and care.

Our technology

Lasers for skin treatment

We use many different lasers as part of our procedures, which helps us to tailor treatment to your personal needs.

  • Clear + Brilliant: A gentle laser that has a refreshing effect. Treatment confers the benefits of brighter, more even skin.
  • Fraxel Dual: The Fraxel fractionated laser facilitates targeted surface treatment, putting the life back into your skin.
  • V Beam: Targets a variety of skin concerns, such as spider veins and the appearance of wrinkles. It uses a pulsed dye laser that selectively targets blood vessels just below the skin.
  • GentleMax Pro: This laser targets unwanted hair and sun damaged skin. It also improves fine lines and wrinkles.
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Tattoo removal lasers

Laser technology for tattoo removal has improved vastly over the last few decades. Our RevLite laser tattoo removal technology can eliminate your tattoo, while minimising pain and side-effects. The technology we use for tattoo removal is the only clinically-proven method that does not cause scarring.

Diagnostic technology

At a consultation session, we use medical-grade diagnostic imaging technology to perform a skin analysis. We examine things like pigment depth and the size of any problematic or unsightly blood vessels.

With an ultraviolet lamp, we can identify issues to do with skin health, oiliness, hydration and bacteria.

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Microneedling, otherwise known as skin needling, is used to create micro-injuries to the skin. This induces the production of new collagen, to repair the site of the injury and improve fine lines.

We use an M-pen or Cynosure Vivace RF technology for our skin needling procedures. They can both be used to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, improve skin elasticity, improve acne scarring, and tighten skin.


If your veins are prominent, and more widespread, we can refer you to our partner practice Vein Solutions Medical Clinic. It's just next door, and here they'll use ultrasound technology to guide sclerotherapy procedures.

Technically speaking, an ultrasound is a sound wave with a frequency higher than can be heard by a human ear. In the medical world, ultrasounds can be used for imaging and therapeutic procedures.

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Our services

Industry-leading technology

At Victorian Dermal Group, each of our team is passionate and certified clinicians. We're continually researching the science behind skin care, attending conferences, and trying out new technologies. We've done all the background checks, so you don't have to.

"There are a variety of treatment options, and you're dealing with professionals."

May D

"VDG are qualified, knowledgeable, and most importantly, you leave with a plan but no pressure."

Alicia B

Specialised support

At Victorian Dermal Group, each of our team is passionate and certified clinicians. We care about skin, and we're passionate about investing in medical-grade equipment.

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Unlock your inner radiance

Despite her performance schedule, Adelaide makes time for her skin

Despite her beautiful voice, singer Adelaide Clark has her own skin concerns. She's been carving out the time in her schedule to book treatments for a little over six months. We worked with Adelaide to formulate a tailored plan to target her skin concerns, and prevent premature ageing.


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