Cosmelan Depigmenting Solution

Bright, clear skin free from unwanted pigmentation

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Effectively remove sun spots, freckles, melasma or acne scars for fresh, clean skin.

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How your Cosmelan peel works

In your initial consultation, we'll assess your skin, taking photographs and using filters to check for pigmentation, broken capillaries and congestion.

Cosmelan is a four-stage treatment that begins with a professional peel in the clinic and continues with at-home skincare.

Is it suitable for your skin?

In the initial assessment, your clinician will determine whether Cosmelan is recommended and suggest a treatment plan.

Cosmelan effectively reduces skin pigmentation, including melasma, sun spots or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation on the face, neck, neckline or hands.

How Cosmelan works

Cosmelan treatment begins with a clinical peel for intense depigmentation and continues with your at-home treatment. Expect spots to fade within weeks while preventing further hyperpigmentation for long-lasting clear skin.

Studies have shown that Cosmelan is effective in all skin types, hyperpigmentations and ethnicities.

How to prepare for your Cosmelan peel

On the day of your treatment, you should arrive at the clinic with clean skin, free from makeup. We also recommend that you wear comfortable clothing. At the initial consultation, your clinician will tell you what to expect on the day and how you can prepare for your treatment.

Your Cosmelan peel will be applied in our clinic and will remain in place for 6-12 hours after you go home. You may decide to take a day off work. Once the treatment period is complete, you'll rinse the mask off with lukewarm water.

How to care for your skin post-treatment

Your Cosmelan treatment continues at home with your aftercare skincare plan. During the first month, you'll apply Cosmelan three times each day. Remember to add UV protection whenever you are in the sun!

If you have any questions about your at-home treatment, our clinicians are happy to answer them and provide guidance to ensure your skin remains clear and bright.


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How long does a Cosmelan treatment take?

Your first treatment in the salon will take around half an hour, and you'll wear the Cosmelan peel home. After around 8-12 hours, you can wash the mask off thoroughly, using plenty of water.

How long will I continue at-home Cosmelan treatment?

There are four phases to your Cosmelan treatment in total. The first is the initial peel in our clinic, which will provide instant results. To maintain your newly clear skin, you'll continue three phases of at-home treatment over a total of seven months.

The at-home treatment involves using your Cosmelan products as part of your skincare routine. Even once your treatment is complete, you should always protect your skin with sunscreen.

When will I see results from my Cosmelan treatment?

You should see results within a few days, with the full benefits apparent around three to six weeks into your treatment. During the first week, you'll notice blemishes and pigmentation fading. After few weeks, your skin should have a healthy glow.

What types of hyperpigmentation does Cosmelan treat?

Cosmelan is suitable for treating all skin types. It's most often used to address:

  • Melasma: hyperpigmentation that may occur due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, menopause or resulting from the contraceptive pill.
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation: discolouration or scarring left after acne or aggressive treatment.
  • Sunspots or age spots: overexposure to the sun can leave pigmentation on the face or hands.
  • Freckles: pigmentation of clear skin that is often genetic.

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