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How does scar tissue form?

Scars form when the top layer of your skin suffers damage. The body produces new collagen fibres to fix the damaged area, forming a scar. Scar tissue has a different texture and cell composition than the skin surrounding it — this can make it stand out.

If the wound is severe, and takes a long time to heal, the scar tissue will be more prominent. If it heals quickly, within two weeks, a smaller scar forms which is less obvious in appearance.

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How did I get scars on my skin?

If you've had an operation, suffered an injury which took a while to heal, or suffered from acne breakouts, you may have scar tissues. Almost every person has a scar, somewhere, on their body. But sometimes, scars (especially acne scarring) can cause low self-esteem.

Scars fade with time, but if you're dissatisfied with the appearance of scars on your face or body, there are a range of treatments which can help you.

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How can I treat scarring?

At Victorian Dermal Group, we have invested time and energy into researching results-driven techniques and medical-grade technology to reduce and remove scar tissue.

Our treatments range from Cosmelan and Dermamelan facial peels for acne scarring, to Dual Fraxel laser therapies. When you visit us for your initial consultation, we'll assess your skin and devise a treatment plan which will yield the best results for your unique needs.

Is scar tissue permanent?

After it has formed, and the wound has healed, scars can fade over time. If your scarring is severe, as most post-operative scarring is, you'll need to remodel and manage your scarring to ensure mobility is restored to the tissue. You can begin the process by gently massaging the scar tissue, or seeking a practitioner to assist you. Then, once the scar tissue has increased mobility, you can seek cosmetic treatment.

Does scar laser removal hurt?

You can expect mild discomfort during the treatment session, but we take every precaution to minimise unpleasant sensations. We can apply a topical anesthetic to numb the area prior to commencing. And, if you're very concerned about your pain tolerance, we can test a patch of your skin first.

How many sessions will it take to remove acne scarring?

We won't know the answer to this question until you come in for your consultation. However, it usually takes a minimum of two-to-three sessions to remove the appearance of facial scar tissue completely.

Are there side effects to scar laser removal therapies?

Our clients sometimes experience short-term side effects post-treatment. These can include:

  • Redness and tenderness
  • Bruising and swelling
  • Temporary skin lightening of the treated area
  • A burning/rough sensation


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Everyone has scars, even us

We understand some scars can make you feel self-conscious, especially if they're in obvious places on your body, like your face. We can reduce and remove the appearance of your scars, thanks to our years of research and practice in the field of cosmetic treatments.

Our dermal clinicians are all accredited, and highly trained. We are results-driven, and put you and your experience at the forefront of any treatment. We'll work with you to decide how best to treat your scar tissues.

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Our process for scar treatment

Skin consultation
Step 1

Visit our clinic in Kew

When you book an appointment with us, your initial consultation fee is redeemable on the cost of your treatment. You'll need to fill out forms regarding your medical history, your concerns about your scar tissues, and other lifestyle factors which may impact your treatment. If necessary, we'll consult with your GP — usually if a medication will negatively interfere with one of our therapies.

We'll take a photo of the scar tissue, using our Clinical Imagining System. Then, we'll create a treatment plan tailored to your needs. You may need more than one session to fully reduce or remove scarring. We'll discuss this with you during your consultation.

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Step 2

How we'll treat your scarring

We utilise a combination of skin care products, laser therapies, and chemical peels to treat scarring. We also use skin needling technology. All of our treatments are safe, minimally/non-invasive, and don't require much downtime.

If you have any questions or concerns about a particular treatment, we can provide you with plenty of information. Our clinicians are highly trained, and we only use medical-grade, industry-leading products and technologies.

Step 3

How to prepare for your treatment

It depends on which treatment you've booked, but for most of our skin solutions, you'll need to:

  • Avoid sun exposure (tanning) and fake tanning for two weeks prior to treatment
  • Don't take any blood-thinning medication (like aspirin) for one week leading up to your appointment
  • Follow the skin care regime created by your clinician

We'll provide you with more details of what to expect when you come in for your consult, or when you book a treatment session.

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Step 4

How to look after you skin post-treatment

Again, aftercare for your skin will depend on the method we've used to treat your scarring. In general, you'll need to:

  • Diligently apply sunscreen post-treatment
  • Avoid exercise, saunas, and chlorinated or salt water swimming pools for 24 hours
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure

The treated area may feel tender, bruised, or swollen, so we recommend applying a cold compress once you arrive home. We'll give you comprehensive aftercare instructions, and we'll check in with you one week after your treatment to see how you're skin is healing.


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