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The best non-surgical lip injections for flawless results

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Our safe and gentle dermal fillers add volume and smooth wrinkles across all your facial features. From crow’s feet to eye bags to smile lines and jawlines, we can soften, sharpen, smooth and plump with minimally invasive treatments.

Before & after: lip enhancements

We can tailor our versatile lip enhancement techniques to deliver the precise results you’re looking for. 

  • We use medical-grade injectables in our lip enhancements
  • Our team have decades of experience in lip augmentation
  • Our dermal filler lip injections ensure natural, subtle lip enhancements

With our excellent safety record and tailored skincare plans, we’re earned our reputation for providing lip injections Melbourne can trust.

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The benefits of our lip enhancement treatments

Our clients seek out our lip injections and enhancements for help with various issues. Whether you need our help to smoothen wrinkles, lighten scars or boost lip volume, we’ll design a lip treatment to help.

Correct asymmetrical lips

We can carefully place injectables along your upper and lower lip to even out asymmetries caused by genetics, wrinkles, or scarring.


Subtle lip enhancement for volume

With precisely measured injectables and gentle muscle relaxants, we can plumpen and tighten your lips to achieve a sculpted yet supple and natural lip contour.


Enhance your lips naturally and safely

It’s not just natural-looking results we offer. The hyaluronic acid we use in our injectables is a naturally occurring substance in your body and is readily accepted by it without adverse effects.


Our renowned doctors

The quality of our treatments is beyond reproach, but the service our clients most often thank us for is our careful attention to ensuring they are safe, comfortable and confident at all times.

What is lip enhancement exactly?

Our lip enhancement service encompasses a range of tissue relaxants and dermal filler treatments, each targeting different regions of the lower and upper lip, as well as the chin and cheek region. The goal is the give our clients the ability to reshape and contour their lips.

  • Plumpen naturally thin lips
  • Relieve the wrinkles of age
  • Lighten acne scarring
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How our lip enhancements work

Lip enhancement fillers contain hyaluronic acid, which is naturally produced by the human body. Your body uses this substance to keep tissue moisturised and pliable. As you age, your ability to produce hyaluronic acid diminishes, which is partly what causes your skin to wrinkle.

Hyaluronic acid lip enhancers not only help eliminate wrinkles, but also restore the softness of your lips as well. And, rather than clogging or damaging your skin and muscle tissue, the fillers are safely absorbed by your body over a number of months.

We can also inject light, gentle and safe muscle relaxants into targeted tissue to help contour your lips to your desired shape.

How It Works

Who should get lip enhancement treatment?

Lip injection fillers are for anyone unhappy with the current shape and size of their lips and who is looking to make enhancements. It's not for people who want dramatic, overnight effects.

New clients are often concerned that fillers will give them an unnatural ‘puffed’ look. We can assure you that the ‘had-work-done’ look is not the inevitable result of dermal fillers. We can achieve a perfectly natural-looking result by carefully calibrating each injection with a precise amount of filler and injecting it into carefully selected spots.

Who It’s For

From consultation to appointment

First, you'll need to meet with our aesthetic physician and radiologist. They'll ask you a few questions, assess your lip shape, and determine which treatment will work for you. They may perform an allergy test with the appropriate product.

Then, during the treatment, the doctor may apply a numbing agent at your request before performing a series of tiny injections. The injections will contain a small amount of filler, including an anesthetic compound, so the experience is virtually pain-free.

On the day

How to care for your lips post-treatment

After your lip injection procedure, you may experience some tenderness and likely minor bruising. This is perfectly natural. The swelling will reduce over the next four to seven days as the filler substance settles into its final position. You may gently ice the area to relieve any discomfort.

You may also feel small lumps and bumps in your lips, which we encourage you to massage. This encourages the filler to soften. By the end of the seven days, you'll enjoy plump, soft lips.

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Our facial filler treatments

We can tailor a treatment plan for you using our comprehensive list of dermal filler treatments. Book your consultation with our Melbourne lip injection specialists today, and let’s get started.

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“I have never been happier with my skin”

The skincare experts your idols trust

You’ll hear plenty from our dermatologists at your consultation. For now, have a read of what our clients have to say about the results we deliver.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do lip injections change your smile?

You can use lip injections to change the shape of your smile by adding volume to your lips and adjusting their contours.

What happens if I'm unhappy with the outcome?

If you're unhappy with your lips, you can go back and have the filler dissolved. We can dissolve hyaluronic acid with hyaluronidase, an enzyme that will melt the acid rapidly and safely.

How long do lip enhancements last?

Lip injections last around six months to a year.

But I want bigger lips — can I go bigger if I want to?

If you want dramatically bigger lips, we recommend gradually building your lips up over time. We advise going slowly. Get a minor treatment the first time, and then we can add a little more filler next time.

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