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Skin tightening

The non-surgical solution you’ve been looking for

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Restore lost volume across the temples.

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Relieve or remove ‘11’ frown lines entirely.

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Lift and plumpen sagging cheeks. Define bold cheekbones.

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Sharpen rounded chins or build up receding ones.

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Lift sagging eyelids and brighten dark circles.

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Erase fine and heavy lines across the forehead.

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Plumpen thinning lips and soften surrounding fine lines.

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Lift nasolabial folds and wrinkling bunny lines.

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Discover our 5-star skin tightening treatments

For too long, ‘skin tightening treatment’ has been synonymous with surgical face lifts. That’s no longer the case. The Victorian Dermal Group’s Melbourne clinic specialises in non-invasive ultrasound therapies that don’t even break the skin. 

Explore the extraordinary possibilities our non-surgical skin tightening and lifting treatments offer. Book your consultation at our Kew clinic today.

Before & after: skin tightening treatment

In our experience, clients seeking alternative treatments to surgery are often concerned about whether non-invasive ultrasound therapy can offer equally effective results. We’ll let our results speak for themselves.

Work with us, and you’ll soon discover why clients from across the country trust us to deliver the results they’ve longed for.

  • We use industry-leading technology and data-backed treatments
  • Our veteran doctors and innovative dermal clinicians have decades of experience
  • We design client-specific treatment plans to deliver the best possible results

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Our renowned dermal clinicians

Our clinicians have earned qualifications from leading Australian dermatological institutes. With our encouragement, they’re constantly testing new techniques and technologies — and refining our existing ones — to create specific and personalised treatments and deliver exciting results. 

We consider ourselves an inclusive clinic and gladly welcome clients of all ages, genders, and skin types.

How our ultrasound treatment tightens sagging skin

High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) can be used to target and rejuvenate collagen-depleted tissue deep beneath the surface of the skin. With precise application, our experts can:

  • Stimulate tired cells to produce fresh skin-tightening collagen
  • Contour existing collagen deposits to tighten skin and give your features shape and structure

After vigorous testing, we’ve elected to use the Ultraformer 3 ultrasound device. Its remarkable capabilities allow us to target tissue at varying depths with extreme precision, which can result in more impressive results than surgical or laser skin tightening procedures.

How It Works

Boost collagen production to restore your youthful lustre

Fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging and textured skin are the inevitable results of our natural ageing process. But skin laxity can just as easily be caused by lifestyle factors like excessive sun exposure or smoking. 

We can use the Ultraformer 3 to restore your skin’s suppleness and structure, and target practically any area of the face and body.

  • Facial skin, including crow’s feet, stress lines and sagging jowls
  • Stomach stretch marks and sagging sides
  • Troublesome fat and cellulite around the thighs

Let’s discuss your concerns at your consultation. We’ll discern the best course of action, whether that’s ultrasound treatment or one of our other skin tightening procedures.

What We Treat

Getting the most out of your skin tightening treatment

Prior to your treatment appointment, your clinician will talk you through any skin preparation you need to do before you come in. Since ultrasound skin tightening is entirely non-invasive, there won’t be much you need to do.

We will ask that you arrive at your appointment with clean skin, free of makeup, sunscreen, moisturiser or any other product.


What to expect at your skin tightening session

Depending on the specifics of your treatment plan, your skin tightening session can last half an hour to an hour.

We’ll begin the session with a final review of your treatment plan to ensure you feel comfortable and confident in what we hope to achieve at that session. 

You won’t be required to take any downtime to recover after ultrasound tightening. Once we’re done, you’ll be free to apply makeup and product to your skin and keep any commitments you have that day.

On The Day & Aftercare
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We specialise in non-surgical and adaptable skincare

From pure dermal fillers to rejuvenating laser treatments and scar-erasing microneedles, our Melbourne clinic provides a bevy of solutions for tightening loose skin. Our clinical team will help you decide which treatment is best suited for your skin type and to treat the conditions you wish to alleviate. Here are just a few of our most popular services.

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“Fresh but natural… the look I was after”

The skincare experts your idols trust

You’ll hear plenty from our dermatologists at your consultation. For now, have a read of what our clients have to say about the results we deliver.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do ultrasound skin tightening results last?

The results from our skin tightening treatment can last for 1-2 years. Your genetics and lifestyle will affect that timeline, however. During your initial consultation, we can discuss scheduling follow-up maintenance appointments, as well as combining your ultrasound treatment with dermal filler injections for longer-lasting results.

Does ultrasound skin tightening hurt?

Our clients have never indicated that our ultrasound treatment causes any pain. However, they do describe the sensation of the Ultraformer as an intense warmth, which can be mildly uncomfortable or ticklish depending on the body part we’re treating.

Is there any risk of side effects of reactions?

The ultrasound creates heat in the targeted tissue to boost collagen and break up fat molecules. Following your treatment, you may experience minor itching and redness around the treatment area, but likely no other reactions.

A surgical or invasive procedure carries risks; our skin tightening treatment carries practically none.

How much does skin tightening cost?

The cost of your skin tightening treatment depends on the specifics of your treatment plan, which will detail the areas of your body we need to treat and the number of skin tightening sessions we will need to achieve the results you want. We will only be able to give you a quote after your consultation.

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