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Before & after: lip flip

We’ve made every effort to perfect our lip-plumping lip flip technique to deliver the best possible results for our Melbourne clients. 

  • Our team have decades of industry experience
  • We use safe, medical-grade injectables
  • Our precise technique ensures shapely yet natural-looking results

Our safety record is beyond reproach. As for our results? We’re quite happy to let our gallery of satisfied clients prove our skill.

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The benefits of our lip flip injectables

Our clients seek our lip flip treatments for a wide variety of reasons. Ultimately, however, they simply want to feel confident in their own skin. Confidence is exactly what we deliver.

Correct asymmetrical lips

Lip flip injections are a great way to correct asymmetrical lips without surgery.

Lip flip injections are a great way to correct asymmetrical lips without surgery. As an added benefit, many people feel that their lips also look naturally more relaxed and less tense after getting lip flip injections.


Add subtle lip volume

Lip flip injections are becoming popular to augment patients' lips seeking subtle volume and shape enhancement.

Lip flip injections are becoming popular to augment patients' lips seeking subtle volume and shape enhancement. Through carefully targeted injections, lip flipping can add volume and change the shape of the patient’s lips by strengthening the muscle used when making a ‘smile’ motion or facial expression.


Get fast results

Lip flip injections are a great way to get fast results when it comes to improving the appearance of your lips.

Lip flip injections are a great way to get fast results when it comes to improving the appearance of your lips. The technique works by weakly paralysing the muscles around your mouth to flip them outwards, resulting in a fuller, pouty look.


Our experienced cosmetic doctors

We’ve earned the trust of countless Melbourne clients through our effective, evidence-based procedures and by ensuring their comfort and well-being at every step of their treatment.

How a lip flip works

The injectable we use in our lip flip treatment is a muscle relaxant. This substance gently paralyses the targeted tissue without significant discomfort and is easily absorbed by the body in a matter of months. Because it’s so benign, your lip tissue will happily accept the filler with little chance of an adverse or allergic reaction.

The relaxant injections are administered at the corners of the mouth, where lips tend to be the thinnest. By using our injectables to ‘flip’ the thinner outer edges of the lip, we can help you achieve a fuller, rounded look. It’s important to note that the filler may not be injected directly into the lip but actually into the tissue just outside the lip; by causing this tissue to relax, we can induce the edges of the lip to curl outward or ‘flip’.

How It Works

The perfect candidate

Candidates for lip flips will find that their lips ‘thin out’ towards the edges while appearing fuller in the middle. This thinned appearance is caused by the lip curling inwards every so slightly. The inward curl is rarely painful or detrimental and is usually just a matter of genetics. However, this inward curl is why a lip flip may be a more effective treatment than injecting fillers evenly throughout the lip. 

The lip flip procedure has grown in popularity due to its ability to produce subtle yet visible results with little discomfort or recovery time.

Who It’s For

How to prepare for your lip flip treatment

Preparing for lip flip injectable treatments is quite simple. Although the non-surgical procedure is already quite gentle, it’s important to take the appropriate steps to get the best results.

  • Inform us about any allergies or medical conditions that may interfere with the treatment
  • Avoid sun exposure and any blood-thinning medication before the treatment
  • Do not wear any lipstick or gloss on the day of the procedure

We will give you a comprehensive preparation plan at the end of our initial consultation.


What happens when you get lip flip injections

Your lip flip appointment will take approximately half an hour. 

We’ll begin by confirming our plan and your desired results to ensure we’re still on the same page. Then, we’ll use a marker to indicate the appropriate injection points. Before the injections, we can apply a topical anesthetic cream to dull the sting. 

During the injections, we’ll ask you to purse and flex your lips to see how our injectables affect your expressiveness. 

Once the procedure is complete, it may take 2-3 days for the injectable substance to settle and you can see the final result.

On the day

Lip flip aftercare

After lip flip treatment, you should avoid direct sun exposure or the use of skin-irritating products on your lips for at least 48 hours. It's also important to remember not to pick or pull at your skin in the days after a lip flip — any active manipulation of the area could cause scarring and diminish the effectiveness of your treatment. 

We recommend no excessive exercise or alcohol consumption for at least 48 hours after the procedure. 

To help with aftercare treatment, premium cosmetic products are available in our skincare shop. We will recommend the ideal products to help keep your skin soft and supple.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a lip flip do?

A lip flip is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that gives patients fuller, more prominent lips. Safe tissue relaxants are inserted beneath the skin at the corners of the mouth, causing the thinner outer edges to ‘flip’ outwards.

Under our medical guidance, lip flips are a safe, effective procedure that delivers natural-looking results.

How fast are lip flip results?

Patients experience stunning results immediately, with full effects appearing after two weeks when the injectables have had time to settle completely.

While some experience longer-lasting results when combined with other skin treatments, lip flips can help patients see a visible change in their smile within minutes. It's non-surgical and doesn't require significant downtime afterwards, making it appealing to those looking for a quick boost to their overall facial appearance.

How long do lip flips last?

Lip flip treatments last for up to three months. 

The relaxant in the injectables is naturally absorbed by your body over time. Additionally, regular daily activities like talking, chewing and sipping from straws will speed up the absorption of the injectable substance.

Where are the lip fillers injected?

Lip flip injections can be administered at several points around the edges of the upper and lower lip. The injection points selected for your treatment will depend on the existing shape of your lips and the desired result. After injection, the muscle fibres become loose, effectively flipping the upper lip outwards and creating a more elevated and full-looking set of lips.

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