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What you'll get when you meet with our clinicians

At Victorian Dermal Group, we provide comprehensive consultations as part of all our treatments. We will make sure any treatment is suitable for you, your skin type, and your medical history.

Everything we do in your consultation is to ensure your treatment will be safe and effective.

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"All the staff were so friendly, welcoming and extremely professional."

Your consultation

During your consultation, we will learn about your unique skin concerns and recommend an appropriate treatment plan, taking your medical history and any other relevant factors into consideration.

In most cases, your consultation and your treatment will be done on different days.

Accredited clinicians

Our team is made up of accredited and highly experienced clinicians. We have the knowledge and experience to identify skin problems and provide accurate advice.

Medical-grade technology

We use a number of medical-grade devices during your consultation, including our Clinical Imaging System. This lets us asses skin health, pigmentation, vascularity, and vessel size.

Tailored treatment plan

We will develop a treatment plan which includes the services we provide, the necessary aftercare for your treatment, and a regular skincare routine to keep you glowing and radiant.

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