5 Tips For Transitioning Your Skin Care Routine From Winter to Spring

September 26, 2021
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Melbourne winter has decided to leave the party, making space for longer days, warmer weather and a refreshed skincare routine.

So, after weeks on end of packing on rich moisturisers, hydrating serums and glow up oils, how do you prepare for healthy skin this summer? In this article, we discuss 5 tips from our accredited clinicians at Victorian Dermal Group for transitioning your skin care routine from winter to spring.

1. Prioritise sun protection

Protecting your skin from sun exposure is essential year-round. Sun damage can present in sunspots, fine lines and wrinkles on our skin. But also far more serious concerns, such as skin cancer. Leading into the warmer months, our UVA and UVB exposure becomes substantially increased due to a rise in UV levels and spending more time outside. So, wearing high-quality sunscreen (ideally SPF30 or above) daily is critical.

Cringing at the idea of lathering a greasy sunscreen on your face when summer is already giving you more of a glow than you asked for? We love the Mineral Matt Antiaging Fluid by Mesoestetic. It offers a light-textured SPF50+ that leaves your face with a powdered, matte finish. What's more, it absorbs any excess oil from the skin, is non-comedogenic and water-resistant!

2. Cut out the ultra-creamy cleansers

In general, winter calls for gentler facial cleansing. Perhaps you used a super thick oil-based cleanser to try to retain as much of your face's natural oils. Or maybe you reduced your cleansing to once a day to not overly dry out your skin. Either way, when transitioning from winter to spring, it's a great idea to reconsider your cleansing regime and products.

With the warmer weather, we tend to spend more time outside and tend to break a sweat more often. This results in excess oil and dirt accumulating on our skin. So, cleansing during the spring and summer months is usually best done with a gentle cleanser that isn't oil-based, for example, Tensage Gentle Cleanser by Biopelle.

3. Modify your moisturiser

Many of us take our moisturising pretty seriously during winter. This can often include a barrage of thick and oily creams - anything to stop the dry, itch and flake the cooler months bring! While the cool, dry winter air can call for this kind of moisturising regime, in summer, it's probably time to modify your moisturiser.

We're not suggesting that you take a moisturising hiatus for the summer by any means! However, as we enter spring and summer, our skin naturally produces (and retains) more oil. This means that the warmer months are a great time to make use of light-weight, water-based moisturisers that don't promote shine and avoid clogged pores and the breakouts and blemishes that usually accompany them. We're a little obsessed with Daily Moisture by Skinceuticals.

4. Exile dead skin cells with exfoliation

If you're after a fresh-faced summer glow to escort you into spring, exfoliation is key! Getting rid of those dry and rough layers of dead skin from the cooler months can help you get your healthy glow on. However, there are a few ways to go about this, and a lot of it comes down to your skin type. Exfoliation can and should be continued after the transition from winter to spring. It's important to keep in mind that exfoliating (whether by scrub or peel) can make your skin hypersensitive to the sun. So, be mindful when picking your time to exfoliate (i.e. not before a weekend at the beach).

One of our most popular exfoliation products that our clients rave about is the Resurfacing Peel Booster by Mesoestetic. We recommend this particularly for those with oily, congested, acne-prone and ageing skin. 

5. Clean out your cosmetics cupboard

Do you know what spring calls for? A spring clean! You likely do it for your pantry or your wardrobe, but what about spring cleaning your cosmetics cupboard/draw/bag? We recommend binning anything that is more than six months old. Old products don't necessarily work as intended and can also harbour a lot of bacteria.

Similarly, makeup brushes can collect more germs and nasties over time than you'd like to imagine. So, your spring clean should include refreshing your brushes, whether that means restocking your beauty box or just giving your brushes a good clean!

In summary

As you can see, there are a few things to consider with your skincare routine when transitioning through the seasons. In a nutshell, your skin will retain its natural moisture better in the warmer months. So, it's best to use lightweight products that allow your skin to breathe. And of course, SPF30+ is an absolute must!

It's also worth noting that not everyone needs to adjust their skincare routine through the seasons. As the saying goes, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

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