Dermal Clinician’s Answer The Most Googled Skin Care Questions This Season

October 27, 2021
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Questions about skin care products are on an upward trend this season as we search for the best methods to transition our skin into the warmer months.

 It’s no wonder consumers turn to google to find these answers; with a busy market that’s competing for your attention, a lot of the information can become confusing and misguided. 

Director and Dermal Clinician Derya Koch, sat down to answer a few of the most googled skin care questions that should hopefully resolve some of your pressing queries.

What is the best moisturiser for dry skin?

The answer to dry skin seems simple - hydration! But determining exactly which products can sufficiently hydrate your skin can be more puzzling. Opting for one with antioxidant properties to protect against free radical damage (which can cause illnesses and ageing) can help maintain hydrated skin with a youthful texture. A product like Mesoesetic Radiance DNA Intensive Cream is an ideal moisturiser for dry skin while protecting you from cell damage.

What is the best moisturiser for oily skin?

Oily skin can look and feel worrying, but it really just means your body is doing its job – a little too well. Oily skin is a symptom of your sebaceous gland producing too much sebum, which can lead to clogged pores or acne issues. Your skin needs a little more balance to reduce the sebum production and hydration to care for the skin covered by oil. Medik8 Balance Moisturiser with Glycolic Acid Activator helps restore oil and acne-prone skin while also providing anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties to renew your skin.

What is the best eye cream for dark circles?

Dark circles are often caused by a loss of collagen, which results in darkened and sunken skin. Products that stimulate collagen in the area are super handy to keep in your bag for when the problem strikes you. Products like Mesoesetic Collagen Eye Contour are perfect as they tighten the skin under the eyes by reviving collagen while also applying pigments to conceal dark circles and fatigue.


What is the best anti-ageing cream?

The best creams for anti-ageing are ones with active ingredients like antioxidants, emollients, firming agents and retinol. These ingredients can repair visible signs of ageing by promoting stem cell activity and improve skin tone, texture, fine lines and wrinkles. Biopelle stem cell cream is a great option to deliver these benefits while strengthening the skin integrity and restore radiance.


What is the best skin care routine for men?

Men typically have thicker and tougher textured skin, so more abrasive products are ideal for men’s skin care routines. Depending on their specific requirements and goals, some or all of the following products would deliver an A-grade skin care routine for men:

What is the best vitamin C facial serum?

Our skin loves some vitamin C as it offers so many rich benefits like a brighter, more radiant appearance, reduces the visibility of lines and wrinkles and provides a more even skin tone. Vitamin serums that also have antioxidant and anti-ageing properties can make your skin even healthier, which is why we recommend Skin Ceuticals CE Ferulic for anyone looking for a quality vitamin C facial serum. 

What is the best moisturiser for acne-prone skin?

To care for acne-prone skin, you might need to consider if you also suffer from dry skin before you find the perfect product. Dermal Hub’s SOS Day and Night is excellent at unblocking pores and providing 24/7 protection to your natural skin’s barrier - which means it stops microscopic debris from entering your pores. But if you need a little more hydration for dry skin as well, Biopelle’s Tensage Soothing Cream has similar benefits while also moisturising the skin and delivering anti-inflammatory benefits.

What skincare products not to mix?

This is a great question. It’s something we don’t always think about, but the active ingredients in skincare products can occasionally cause issues when they’re busy nourishing your skin. The primary combination to avoid is mixing Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and retinol, as when retinol is combined with various acids, it can irritate the skin and cause redness.

What skin care ingredients to avoid?

Stay away from the perilous parabens, which are unfortunately one of the most common ingredients found in cosmetic products today. They’re used in these products because they preserve and extend the shelf-life, but they’re also toxic and are linked to fertility issues, birth defects and particular types of cancer. This is one reason why it’s always better to go for quality when supporting your skin and choose products made with care.

What skin care ingredient to avoid while breastfeeding?

It’s best to avoid retinol and BHA’s while breastfeeding. Retinols contain vitamin A and enter breast milk quickly. So, swap them out for anti-ageing serums that don’t contain retinol or its derivatives. Similarly, BHA’s, or salicylic acid, can be ditched for glycolic acid or lactic acid (AHA) exfoliants during your pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

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