Everything you need to know about skin needling aftercare

Victorian Dermal Group
Victorian Dermal Group
November 25, 2022
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We know starting the journey to smooth and radiant skin through micro needling can be daunting at first!

Our Victorian Dermal Group have many years of experience behind them, and will guide you through the correct aftercare steps to ensure you get the best results possible. Skin needling (also known as micro needling) is an incredibly safe and minimally invasive treatment that stimulates collagen production, resulting in glowing skin, smooth skin texture and a reduction in the appearance of acne scars.

Something that isn’t often discussed is the care necessary after the procedure.

It is important to follow skin needling aftercare instructions provided by our skin specialists, to ensure a smooth healing process and optimal results! 

What To Expect After Skin Needling Treatment 

Immediately following your procedure, you may feel a tight tingling sensation. Mild swelling and redness may present for one to two days. You can reduce swelling by applying a cold compress to the treated area, and avoiding hot showers. These are very normal side effects of microneedling and should pass quickly.

We'll provide you with more information regarding aftercare when you book your appointment. If you have any questions or concerns post-treatment, phone or email us, and we'll get back to you immediately.

Avoid Sun Exposure

Sun protection is critical after skin needling as it can cause further skin irritation and increase the risk of sunburn. 

You should start applying sunscreen the day after the skin needling procedure, or as per our dermal clinician's recommendation. Wearing sunscreen with an SPF of 30+ or higher is recommended when spending time outdoors.

Hats, sunglasses and other protective clothing can also help shield the skin from the sun's rays.

Even if you’re using sunscreen, try to avoid prolonged sun exposure as much as possible!

The sun can be damaging after a skin needling procedure for several reasons. With the skin barrier being extra sensitive after skin needling, direct sunlight will damage your healing skin causing premature aging, scarring and sun damage. 

For those who have fair or sensitive skin, stronger sunscreen may be advisable; you may also want stronger sunscreen if you are getting skin needling procedures during the spring and summer months when the risk of sun exposure is greatest. 

For patients with acne-prone skin or sensitive skin, you should always opt for non-comedogenic sunscreen.

Avoid Using Makeup

Skin needling is a great way to improve your skin texture, making makeup application easy and flawless. 

It’s important to remember to wait at least 2-3 days (the more days the better) before applying any makeup products to the treated skin. This is because most makeup products are oil or mineral based and block pores, which can interfere with the natural shedding of your skin, making it harder for the treated area to recover. 

The same also applies to tinted moisturisers and tinted sunscreen. While your skin must remain hydrated after your treatment, it’s best not to use any products with pigmented minerals that could further irritate the area. 

Ideally, waiting 3 days after micro needling treatments before applying makeup gives the skin a chance to recover from the micro-injuries. After roughly 3 days of following proper aftercare,  the dead skin cells on the surface layer of the skin will shed and the skin will be in a better state to handle regular makeup. 

Skin Care Tips To Follow After Microneedling Treatment

There are a few do’s and don'ts to ensure you give your skin the best chance at healing quickly. 

  • Do use collagen stimulating peptides! These are important for the recovery of the treatment area and help stimulate collagen. 
  • Your skin may be irritated and red from the natural inflammatory process, so using a cooling face mask will work to soothe your skin.
  • Do use gentle cleansers and moisturisers as a replacement for your normal skincare in the first few days. Gentle cleansers and moisturisers will be your best friend in keeping your skin soothed and clean, especially during the flaky and dry stages of the healing process. 
  • Do keep hydrated. We all know water is amazing for your skin! Keeping hydrated before and after treatment will help to promote faster recovery. 
  • Don’t use anything containing ‘active ingredients’; Your skin will be sensitive after the procedure, so it is recommended that you avoid anything containing Retinoids, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Vitamin C and Beta Hydroxy Acid. Products containing these ingredients can be reintroduced 3-5 days after treatment, or as per your skin specialist's recommendations. 
  • Don’t take anti-inflammatory medications after (or before) the procedure. Anti-inflammatory medication (e.g. ibuprofen) can interfere with the skin’s natural inflammatory process needed for skin rejuvenation. 

We have a wide range of skin care products in our clinics and online that are specifically made to aid in the recovery process of the many skin treatments we offer. If you’re unsure on what is best for your skin type, our skin specialists will recommend the best skin needling aftercare products that work best for you.

Washing Your Face After Skin Needling  

Keeping your face during the healing process is very important, however, you should wait as per your skin specialist's directions on how many hours to wait until you can wash your face. 

Use a gentle cleanser and pat the skin gently to dry. Make sure you wash your hands before touching your face to prevent bacteria and irritation. 

Exercising After Skin Needling Treatment

You should avoid sweaty or strenuous exercises for a few days post-treatment as the sweat can irritate the treated areas, promoting bacteria growth. You can generally continue back to your normal routine after a few days.

When Will You See Results?

This answer is deeply subjective and depends on your expectations and needs. 

Smooth skin texture and vibrance should be noticeable within a week of treatment, once the redness and flaking has calmed. Over the next 4 weeks, collagen production will be heightened for an even more rejuvenated and poreless appearance. 

If the goal is to resolve the early signs of aging or to rejuvenate the skin, generally, you will see your ideal results after 1-3 treatments spaced over the months. 

If the goal is to reduce acne scarring, pigmentation or sagging; you may need more than 3 treatments to see the best results. In the consultation, our skin specialists will be able to tailor a plan for you. 

Treatment Follow Up

It is important to wait until the skin is fully healed in between treatments. Your skin specialist will give you a tailored plan depending on the goals for your skin. Depending on the results you are trying to achieve, revisits can generally range from 3 to 10+ procedures over the course of many months.

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