What is the difference between IPL and Lasers?

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Laser Hair Removal
Victorian Dermal Group
Victorian Dermal Group
March 3, 2020
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Intense pulse light versus the pure light source of lasers


Laser is a special type of light with three characteristics that identify it as the brightest, most powerful light available. Laser light is monochromatic (one colour) which means it is almost 100 per cent one pure colour. Using a pure light source like this delivers Laser energy to a precise location and structure which minimises damage to surrounding tissue.


Intense pulse light (IPL) is NOT monochromatic. IPL has many different colours which subjects the skin to a wide range of light energies. The unpredictability of intense pulsed light systems can expose patients to unnecessary and ineffective wavelengths, resulting in a higher rate of complications and offer overall inferior outcome when compared to Laser light.

Laser is collimated - meaning it’s slow to diverge or spread out. This makes Laser light very powerful as nearly 100% of the light can be effective in treatments. IPL is not collimated so it is quick to spread out making it less effective in treatments.

Lasers have a well-earned reputation of precision and power and are proven and established in cosmetic dermatology.  Laser stands alone as an effective treatment for hair reduction, vascular treatments, pigmentation and non-invasive skin tightening.

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