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October 5, 2021
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Which dermal filler injections are trending? Hint: It's not what you think

If dermal fillers make you think of exaggerated trout pouts and swollen cheeks, you're not alone. Celebrities who've taken it too far and squandered their good looks with botched filler work fill our social media feeds with shocking before and after shots. Too many injections too frequently create a swollen, puffy look which has given dermal filler injections a rather bad name. So, have we fallen out of love with dermal fillers?

In a word, no. Dermal filler injections remain popular worldwide, with an almost 25% increase in spending in Australia alone in the last year (2020). This is partly due to the more subtle, less is more approach many clinicians take, producing spectacular results for clients. Our own specialist aesthetic radiologist, Dr Master has gained international recognition by expert specialists and patients alike for his MRI and US imaging research and techniques. Skilled physicians like Master have heeded this call for more precise, natural results and are now showing the real capabilities of dermal filler injections.

So what are the new trends in dermal filler injections?

What are dermal filler injections?

Dermal filler injections

First, let's get the science out of the way. Dermal fillers comprise hyaluronic acid (HA), a smooth injectable gel that has become a buzzword in beauty over the last few years. Hyaluronic acid works by imitating a sugar molecule that occurs naturally in your body's skin cell production. So, when we inject this substance into your skin, be it in fine lines or areas that have lost volume over time, it fills in the space. And, as HA attracts water, the injected areas will also become better hydrated, which helps to create a more fresh-faced and youthful appearance.

Are dermal filler injections temporary?

If you're trying dermal fillers for the first time at Victorian Dermal Group, your clinician will use a temporary filler. Our careful approach allows you to review your results and commit to a longer-lasting product if you're happy (and we're pretty confident you will be!)

The longest you could realistically expect the effects of your dermal filler to last would be 6 months to 18 months, though we do see results that last even longer, depending on the product used. The permanence of your dermal fillers is also affected by location. The parts of your face which experience a lot of movement, such as around the mouth, are likely to dissolve the quickest.

What happens when dermal filler injections wear off?

When your dermal filler injections wear off, your clinician will review your previous procedure and results and discuss if your requirements have changed at all. Often we will do a simple follow up with dermal filler injections in the areas that have lost volume. In some instances, we will use in-house ultrasound technology or occasionally MRI technology to see if the filler has completely dissolved. This ensures that any follow-up treatments do not overfill the face.

Can dermal fillers be removed?

At Victorian Dermal Group, we've invested in the latest advancements in aesthetic procedures to ensure the very best, natural-looking treatments and injectables. Our long history of professional service to the Melbourne area has led us to become a trusted name in cosmetic enhancements. However, occasionally we see people who are underwhelmed with results or have simply changed their mind about the look they want before they have worn off.

We use the hyaluronidase enzyme to reverse dermal filler injections, which dissolves the hyaluronic acid particles and corrects issues when injected into the affected areas. Ultrasound technology used in the clinic, allows our clinicians to find filler, that's up to 18 months old. It's our attention to detail and meticulous preparation, which ensures precise corrections and results that patients love.

Patients may choose to have their dermal filler injections dissolved for several reasons:

  • Overfilled areas
  • Disappointing results
  • Infection in the treatment area
  • A lumpy texture that is not improved by massage
  • Excessive or prolonged sweating
  • Infrequent complications involving vascular compromise
  • An impression of migration

Who should try dermal filler injections?

Patients approach the team at Victorian Dermal Group for a range of services, including natural-looking, plumped-up skin, defined lips and contouring of cheeks and foreheads. Lauded for its instant results and minimal downtime (ranging from hours to a few days depending on your treatment), dermal fillers are an increasingly popular treatment.

We also see clients looking at correcting or enhancing a wide range of problem areas. Dermal filler injections can be used in many areas, including:

  • Hide Marionette lines and nasolabial folds
  • Reduce the appearance of scars
  • Plump and define lips
  • Enhance shallow contours
  • Soften facial creases and wrinkles, sometimes in conjunction with anti-wrinkle injection treatments
  • Improve the appearance of recessed scars
  • Reconstruct contour deformities in the face
  • Decrease or remove the shadow of the lower lids

And finally, just what are the hottest trends in dermal filler injections in 2021?

A firm shift away from overfilling, extreme looks have definitely taken place, with a new wave of patients turning to dermal filler injection for subtle improvements such as contouring, reshaping and smoothing out problem areas. Check out the Top 6 trending dermal filler injections this year:

2021 Dermal Filler Injection Trends

2021 Dermal Filler Injection Trends
  1. Reduce under-eye puffiness

According to a recent review by plastic surgeons, this unlikely area is the number one reason people seek dermal filler injections. Puffiness and darkened skin under the eyes make us look tired, and often no amount of expensive creams or serums will do much to improve it. On the other hand, dermal filler injections can help add more volume to sunken eye areas or reduce puffiness. The effects are natural-looking, lasting and like all dermal filler injections, instant. Who doesn't want to look less tired?

  1. Heart-shaped face — high cheekbones and slightly pointed chin

More and more patients are turning to dermal filler injections to reshape their faces. Dermal filler injections are very effective in contouring the face to create a feminine and flattering heart shape.  Each face is different, requiring a personalised treatment; however, generally speaking, the dermal filler is used to create higher cheekbones, a chiselled jawline and a slightly pointy chin area to create a pleasing heart-

  1. Plump out cheeks

Dermal fillers for cheeks have always been popular, but today's trending cheek fillers are definitely more natural-looking. Patients seeking dermal filler injections for their cheeks are more likely to ask for a subtle look, refilling areas in the cheeks that have flattened over time or creating the illusion of higher cheekbones.

  1. Defined lips — not fuller. Youthful and natural

We still see customers wanting very full lips; however, there is a definite shift away from the bigger is better thinking of years past. Instead, patients want to see definition in their lips, and a youthful, balanced fullness but are less likely to seek the oversized "trout pout" look.

  1. Angular jaw

A relatively new kid on the block, dermal filler injections are growing in popularity in patients looking to sculpt their face with subtle changes. Dermal filler injections are very effective in creating subtle changes in the angularity of the jawline for a sophisticated looking that's definitely gaining traction. This procedure is one that changes the face for the better, but no one seems to pick what's been done! We also use ultrasound for jawline injections, possibly increasing safety in this area.

This is the ultimate list for dermal filler injections in 2021 (and beyond) and we love the direction this service is taking. (No trout pout or chipmunk cheeks here!)

We understand this past year has been challenging. Many of us have been unable to keep up our usual beauty routines because of government restrictions and the increased demands on our time. But now is your opportunity to reach out to Victorian Dermal Group, reset and refresh. Start the warmer months off right - putting your best face forward.

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