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Our range of injectable treatments

For smoothing wrinkles and enhancing lips

Everyone ages, but not everyone loves the side effects of ageing skin. With every year that passes, our skin loses elastin. Our bodies stop producing as much collagen, leaving the skin prone to wrinkles.

Using only FDA and TGA approved products and brands, we can smooth away wrinkles and make your lips soft and plump.

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How we treat patients seeking injectable treatments

Dr. Master is our aesthetic physician and aesthetic radiologist. You can schedule an initial appointment with him, where he'll assess the radiance, wrinkles, symmetry and shape of your face. He'll discuss your skin and possibly recommend a consultation with our dermal clinicians.

He'll suggest a treatment plan for you. You can begin straight away, with a simple anti-wrinkle treatment, and book for a more rigorous solution after the consultation.

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Our treatments

Our consultation process for injectable treatments

Dr Mobin Master, Victorian Dermal Group's aesthetic practitioner

Book a consultation

Book your initial consultation with one of our consulting injectables clinicians. The clinician will first discuss your main concerns. They'll look for ageing, wrinkles, symmetry and your face shape. Then, they'll create a recommended treatment plan curated for your unique needs.

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How we'll treat you

We'll assess your concerns, and offer the appropriate short-term and long-term treatment plan for you. This can include enhancements and preventative measures. We can also refer you to the dermal clinicians to enhance your results.

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Preparing for your treatment

You'll need to avoid alcohol, fish-oils and blood-thinning medications like aspirin for 24 hours prior to your treatment. Even just a glass of wine the night before can increase the risk of swelling and bruising. On the day of your treatment, avoid excessive exercise as this can increase your blood pressure. Make up should be removed in the areas of treatment before your appointment.

Looking after your skin post-treatment

Aftercare instructions differ depending on whether you get anti-wrinkle injections or dermal fillers. For anti-wrinkle injections, you can return to work within an hour or so. If you get your dermal filler, especially lip enhancement, you'll need to apply a ice pack to reduce the swelling.

The technology

Dr. Master uses a variety of solutions comprising Hyaluronic Acid (HA). It's a similar compound which occurs naturally in the body, and it can be dissolved if you want to reverse your treatment in the future. He strives for safety as the number one priority.

He uses a unique combination of MRI scanning and ultrasound technology to provide comprehensive insights into the status of filler in the entire face. Dr. Master is the pioneer of a 'dissolve pathway' using imaging technology, and he is the only aesthetic physician using this technique in Australia.

“Two weeks after, my face looks fresh but natural, which is the look I wanted.”

Ana Marija Dabo

“Dr. Master's knowledge made me feel extremely comfortable.”

Ella Chant

The team

Dr. Mobin Master runs the aesthetic injectables team. He is assisted by Kristie Phillips, a Registered Nurse with more than 15 years of experience in aesthetic laser therapies. Both are highly trained experts in their fields. Together, they have helped their clients achieve optimal results, transforming the way these people feel about their bodies.

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