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Lip enhancements in Melbourne

For soft and plump lips

Enhance your lips' natural beauty

Lip fillers add volume and hydration to your lips. The point is to subtly enhance the natural shape, size, and structure of your lip to create a fuller shape.

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Initial consultation

First, you'll need to meet with our aesthetic physician and radiologist. They'll ask you a few questions, assess your lip shape, and figure out which treatment will work for you. They may perform an allergy test with the appropriate product.

Then, during the treatment, the doctor may apply a numbing agent, before performing a series of tiny injections. The injections will contain a small amount of filler, which contains an anesthetic compound — so the experience is virtually pain-free.

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Who should get lip fillers?

Lip fillers are for anyone who is unhappy with the current shape and size of their lips, and is looking to make enhancements. It's not for people who want dramatic, overnight effects.

At Victorian Dermal Group, we pride ourselves on enhancing our client's natural beauty. We want every single person to look and feel their best, without over-doing a treatment.

If you use too much filler in your lips, the filler will stretch and weigh down your skin over time, meaning you'll just need more and more with each visit to the aesthetic physician and radiologist.

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How lip fillers work

Lip fillers are made of Hyaluronic Acid (HA). This is a substance naturally found in your body. It's found in many beauty products, because it can hold up to 1,000 times its own weight in water.

Because HA is something your body naturally produces, it's an ingredient which your body will absorb readily. Once it's injected into your skin, it'll slowly break down over the coming months.


How to care for your lips post-treatment

Your lips, and the surrounding area, will be red and swollen. You may experience some tenderness, and minimal bruising. You'll want to ice the area periodically. The swelling will remain, but reduce, over the next four to seven days.

You may feel small lumps and bumps in your lips, which we encourage you to massage. This encourages the filler to soften. By the end of the seven days, you'll enjoy plump, soft lips.

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Do lip fillers change your smile?

Yes, the shape of your smile can change if we've applied filler to the lines around your mouth.

How long do lip fillers last after you first get them done?

Lip fillers last around six months to a year, when you first receive the treatment.

What happens if I'm unhappy with the outcome?

If you're really unhappy with your lips, you can go back and have the filler dissolved. We can dissolve HA with hyaluronidase — an enzyme which will melt the acid rapidly and safely.

But I really want bigger lips — can I go bigger if I want to?

If you really want dramatically bigger lips, we recommend gradually building your lips up over time. We advise going slowly. Get a small treatment the first time, and then the next time we can add a little more filler.


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