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Why are enlarged pores a concern?

When your skin produces too much oil, it mixes with dead skin in your pores. This makes your pores appear larger. If the oil gets trapped by the dead skin, it oxidises, creating blackheads.

woman looking up close at her face in her bathroom mirror

Why are my pores so big?

There are a number of factors which can influence how large your pores appear. Your skin care routine may be wrong for your skin type, or it could be genetic. Either way, enlarged pores are a common problem for many — and, thankfully, it's treatable.

woman looking up close at her face in her bathroom mirror

How can I make my pores smaller?

You'll need the right kind of products for your skin type, and stick to a good skin care routine. When you visit us for a consultation, we'll assess your skin and give you a detailed skin care plan, with recommended products that will work best for you.

But it's best to kick off your new skin care routine with a fresh face. We offer skin peels which (combined with LED blue light therapy) cleanse and tighten your pores.

We also use lasers to improve the texture and size of your pores. Book a consultation, and we'll create the perfect plan for you.

How do I prevent large pores?

Cleanse your skin regularly and make sure you remove all make-up at the end of the day. Toners help to tighten the skin, and exfoliating will remove dead skin cells.

What are some natural ways I can make my pores smaller?

Make sure you eat a balanced diet of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. Drink plenty of water, and exercise regularly to increase the blood flow to all parts of your body — including your skin.

Do chemical peels hurt?

You'll experience a slight tingling or warm sensation when we treat you with a chemical peel. But, before we perform any treatment, we'll assess your skin and determine how sensitive it is. We can test a patch to make sure it won't cause you discomfort, first.

How does laser treatment help make my pores smaller?

Laser treatments help produce collagen and enable the skin to rejuvenate and repair. The skin layers will regenerate, leaving you with even-toned skin and tightened pores.


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Improving skin health

From the moment you walk into our clinic in Kew, you're in safe hands. We use medical-grade technology, and we're continually researching and attending conferences to maintain a level of expert knowledge.

Our clinicians are accredited, passionate, and ethical. We won't administer any treatments without conducting an initial consultation. Once we know all about your skin and medical history, we'll formulate a treatment plan.

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How we'll help make your pores smaller

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Step 1

Complimentary Initial skin assessment

We never perform any treatment without first assessing your skin, and your initial consultation fee is redeemable on your treatment. We'll use our Clinical Imaging System to take photos of your skin, and we'll then give you a comprehensive treatment plan, detailing which treatments will work for your skin and how often you should have them done. When you leave, you can either go home and think about your next steps, or you can book a session with our friendly receptionists.

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Step 2

Reducing the size of your pores

You'll come in on the day of your appointment, and we'll perform the recommended treatment. You'll need to follow any aftercare advice we provide, to minimise any side effects of the treatment.

Step 3

Pre-treatment care for pore treatments

The type of precautions you need to take will depend on which treatment you are receiving. Generally speaking, you'll need to avoid sun exposure for a month prior to the session. We'll give you a home care guide for the type of treatment you'll be receiving. Within two weeks of your first session, you'll need to avoid waxing, laser treatments, and chemical treatments of any kind.

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Step 4

Aftercare for pore treatments

Again, the type of aftercare necessary for enlarged pore treatment depends on which laser we are using, and whether we are performing a chemical peel. We'll give you a document listing what you'll need to do post-treatment. If you have any questions or concerns at any point, phone our team on [phone], and we'll be happy to help.




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